OK so I just found out that there is another, more famous (or infamous) Kyle Payne on the internet. Apparently this guy is some sexually confused neo-feminist/sexual predator. Just wanted to let everybody know that I am not in any way related to or affiliated with this guy. I’m just a normal, married (to a woman) guy just writing about stuff. I believe that sexual predators, rapists, paedophiles, and all those sorts should be rounded up and executed. Yeah I know some people think that’s pretty harsh but not to me. I have no tolerance for any kind of deviant sexual crime. And I don’t think anybody should have tolerance for that either. WARNING: RELIGIOUS/BIBLICAL CONTENT AHEAD The Bible says in Leviticus, that anyone who commits any kind of immoral, sexual act (including rape and incest) should be put to death, and I agree. In Matthew 18:6, Jesus says that if anyone should hurt a little child, it would be better for a millstone (big rock) to be hung around his neck and him be thrown into the sea and drown. So now you know how I stand on this issue. Very strongly.


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